Blocked Feelings About Mom Made Me Physically Ill

Since starting NET treatments, I’ve gained confidence that very complicated relationships can improve.

NET has removed the negative charges that blocked feelings and made me Elderlyphysically ill. I am now able to seek compassion for Mom, who is obviously emotionally hurting, when before NET I felt like a victim and was only able to shut
down to protect myself. The dynamic of our relationship is changing. And this could be considered a generational change, with all of the dysfunction among the matriarchs in my family!

My relationship with my little daughter won’t follow family behavioral patterns! In this respect alone NET is priceless. I am now able to separate myself from the old behaviors and communicate better.

I thank Dr. Hoover for showing me how to be joyfully patient with the process. It happened in stages, like peeling the layers of an onion, and I’m still working at it. I have always wanted to move on, and NET seems to be the key for me.


Texas                                                                                                   Image: ambro / FreeDigitalPhotos.net


Rid of Emotional Symptoms of Menopause

Like most people, I don’t like changing health care providers, so despite my friend telling me about the amazing results from Dr. Hoover I still waited for almost a year before I finally decided to go for my first visit.

All I can say is that his “Home Run” approach to health care works, and you yoga_125shouldn’t wait!

Within the first few sessions not only did Dr. Hoover help me get rid of the emotional symptoms related to menopause and hormonal changes, he also addressed the physical pain from a shoulder and neck problem that had been troubling me for over a year despite regular chiropractic adjustments.

I am now happily back to my active lifestyle of yoga, bicycling, and hiking without any neck, back, or shoulder pain! I couldn’t say that 3 months ago! I truly believe that Dr. Hoover’s combined use of NET, homeopathic remedies, and a personalized chiropractic adjustment during each visit allows for the adjustments to “hold” and thereby redundant visits to a health care provider, week after week, are no longer necessary.

If you’re an active person like me you’ll probably “want” (not need) a tune-up adjustment, and each time the result will be more effective, in more ways than you ever imagined!


New York                                                                                       Image: photostock / FreeDigitalPhotos.net


“I’ve Been a Chameleon”

For the past ten years, I’ve been a chameleon; a changeable or inconstant person.

This has affected all aspects of my life including: sleep, relationships, and my Chameleon_125overall ability to function at the level required to maintain happiness.  My need for such a high level of acceptance, from everyone, has led me to compromise myself. I had put myself on the back burner.

In working with Dr. Hoover through NET, I’ve been able to break through the foundation of this problem that has been cemented in my being for so long.  NET is not therapy; I find it to be very therapeutic and more efficient. Problems can be solved without necessarily talking them out, as one would in therapy. You can divulge as much, or as little, of a problem that you’re having, get to the root, and essentially terminate it.

After each session with Dr. Hoover, I find my energy level to be increased, my awareness heightened, and my attitude more in tune with my feelings.  NET has given me stability and I recommend it to anyone who is ready for a positive change in their life.


Texas                                                                                                Image: africa / FreeDigitalPhotos.net


“I Was Mad at Myself for Not Trusting God”

I went to see Dr. Hoover for NET (Neuro Emotional Technique) with a long list of jesus_statue_125problems, both physical and emotional, that seemed unrelated and insurmountable.   I go to a very good chiropractor and there were several joints within my body that were not holding their adjustment.  She would give a great adjustment, the correction just wouldn’t hold.

I had assorted feelings of guilt, condemnation and discouragement.  I was  having difficulty dealing with some people at my church that were giving me mixed signals.  Additionally, I was having some business challenges I needed to address but didn’t/couldn’t.

I have learned that NET works with the subconscious part of the brain (the Limbic System) that deals with mood, memory and emotion.  I have learned to pay close attention to anything I experience which has an emotional or negative charge. I then address those issues in my next session with Dr Hoover.

Interestingly enough, what I find “bugging” me today probably is associated with something in my childhood (past) related to that same emotion or situation. The NET process clears that negative charge from my body’s subconscious memory.

I have worked with Dr. Hoover on-and-off for the past ten years.  In this session Dr. Hoover introduced something very new to me: “What is the one statement that you could hear someone saying that would truly please, gratify, and most fulfill and satisfy you… and who would that person be?”

I said: “I want to hear from Jesus that He would take care of me financially, and in every other way, for the rest of my life.”

After we worked on that statement awhile, I discovered I was mad at myself for not trusting God. I wanted to hear from Jesus and have a knowing in my heart, and not just my head, that I would be taken care of. I guess the word I’m looking for is congruency between the “mind and body” — there is a difference between “head knowledge” and “heart revelation.”   My head now lines up with my heart. I am now congruent.

I would highly recommend Dr. Hoover to anyone interested in having peace-of-mind, growing and improving from the inside-out.   For me, NET is a way of eliminating or overcoming the negativity of the past.


Texas                                                                                   Image: watcharakun / FreeDigitalPhotos.net


“Living With A Victim Mentality”

I finally was able to uncover what was contributing to my emotional anxiety and victim syndrome_125myriad of physical problems.  I have been living with a victim mentality as long as I can remember.

I always considered myself as an underdog, but I was taking it way too far in my daily activities.  Dr. Hoover was able to help me identify the Victim Syndrome, trace it back to where it began, and treat the root cause.

After my sessions, I feel calm, relaxed, and like nothing can stop my personally or professionally.  I am still working through this, but I am aware thus my mentality has completely transformed and I realize that the only thing keeping me a victim is me.




Raw, Oozing Skin Covered My Body

It was 2005, and I was twelve. All summer I had been ignoring the fact that I couldgirl_beach_silhoette_125 not sleep the whole night through because of waking up several times scratching. This was my first mistake; waiting until it had gone down hill to start treating it.

First off I knew alternative health was the way I wanted to go because this was not the first time I had struggled with my skin, and alternative health was the only thing that worked for me. Months later I was in a wheel chair because the raw oozing skin covering my feet and legs kept me from walking. Two doctors later and still no sign of improvement, or even any hope of healing, and then I heard about Dr. Hoover and NET from a close friend. By now the rashes had spread to my back, arms, and hands and even the pressure of a silk shirt was painful. I could hardly ever sleep through the itch or pain, and I was allergic to gluten, corn, sugar, and dairy. I was also staying off all red meats. Basically I was eating vegetables and turkey. I know miracles don’t happen over night but it was only after the first few visits that I started feeling hopeful again. We still had a long way to go, but I could see an end to this someday.

Due to my weakened physical state I remember many long exhausting appointments that involved lots of tears and facing things I very much did not want to deal with. Some things I did not even know were bothering me. “Our skin is the mirror of our emotions,” Dr. Hoover said, “The body never lies.” Dr. Hoover encouraged me; he didn’t give up and was always happy for me anytime I saw an improvement, be it great or small.

Now I am living a normal life again. I’m back at school and dancing again which was impossible during those two very, very long years. I have no diet restrictions whatsoever, and I have no more issues with waking up during the night. I am thankful for everything Dr. Hoover did for me and thank you is not even close to enough. I would encourage everyone out there no matter how big or small your problem – give Dr. Hoover a chance. He certainly worked miracles for me.


Texas                                                                     Image: Witthaya Phonsawat / FreeDigitalPhotos.net



“I Knew I Was In Trouble”

My situation with back pain and dysfunction started about 15 years ago when I jogging-ambro_v2_125injured my back lifting heavy objects at work. Unfortunately, I did not get into consistent treatment at that time. Through exercise and back strengthening I continued to compensate the best way I knew.

Approximately three years ago, I re-injured my back lifting heavy pots while gardening. This injury set me back a few weeks and I tried to nurse myself along on my own. One day last year, I started to go on a short walk and the pain in my back was so severe, I could barely get down my driveway and back to my home. I knew I was in trouble and needed help. I was scared.

It was through a referral from my sister I found Dr. Hoover and his Wellness Concept. Rather than just using the typical consultation, x-rays, and adjustments to correct the spine, Dr. Hoover uses what he calls “The Home Run Formula.” One of the parts of the “Home Run Formula” is a protocol called Neuro Emotional Technique. NET deals with how an emotional event in your life can have a negative impact upon your body’s functioning. Additionally, “The Home Run Formula” works with nutrition, homeopathy and physical structure of the body.

I started the program in August of 2007, and by that Thanksgiving I was back to walking my two miles and had no pain! The program required dedication and trust in Dr. Hoover’s training and experience. I am pleased with the results and maintain a healthy life as long as I care for my back the way I have been instructed to do. I basically just use of common sense and good judgment. I continue to see Dr. Hoover for adjustments on a regular basis since staying aligned is critical to my overall good health.

I thought I had permanently ruined my back before I came to see Dr. Hoover. He is reassuring and encourages you to stay focused through the individualized program he recommends for you. The overall office experience is pleasant; the staff is kind and considerate. The wait is minimal and the scheduling is flexible to accommodate my busy schedule.

I believe Dr. Hoover was the answer to my prayer in my situation. It is good to wake up in the morning pain free.


Texas                                                                                                    Image: ambro / FreeDigitalPhotos.net


“Our Home Was Burglarized”

Late October 2005, I came home from work to find my front door lying on the scared_woman-ambro_125floor of the living room. Our home had been burglarized. My immediate reaction to this invasion was fear and anger. The anger was replaced by feelings of insecurity and violation after the county sheriff left. My husband was out of town and handling the call to the insurance company would fall upon me. I felt very vulnerable and scared even after the repairman had secured the door. His simplistic repair was to nail the door shut. I felt I had been violated again.

Over the course of the next month; the broken door jam had been reinforced, a new door hung in place and the house was even more secure than before the incident. Most of the stolen items were replaced. On the surface, the house was getting back to normal.

I, however, was doing terribly. Waking up with migraines or being sick to my stomach three or four days of each week prevented me from working. I lost ten pounds in three weeks, because of the vomiting. Activities like working with youth groups or working with my hobbies no longer held my interest. My own home did not feel safe any more. But I did not want to leave for fear “they” would return. I was incapable of getting simple household chores done. The thieves stole more than stuff, they stole my stability.

I had successfully worked with Dr. Hoover using NET in the past. My hope was that NET would help me regain my balance. After two NET sessions, less than one hour, I felt transformed. Dr. Hoover identified that I did not feel safe in my own house and worse; subconsciously I did not feel safe in my own skin. As a result of only two sessions my life started returning to normal. On the way home, I was surprised that I had started planning dinner. I was actually looking forward to eating a good meal, rather than feeling nauseous at the thought of food. The next morning I awoke without a migraine. It was fabulous. My husband took me out to breakfast to celebrate. I was back to feeling the confident and capable person I was prior to the break-in!

Previous to my NET sessions, my daily to-do list would simply overwhelm me. Now after NET, I was able to start completing items and get on with daily life. My only regret is that I waited for a whole month to get help. Without NET I feel I would still be living in fear and forced to rely on drugs to mask my feelings and inability to cope.

The benefits of the NET sessions are still continuing eighteen months later. I am confident, my outlook on life is amazingly positive. I volunteer my time on various community projects. I hold down a part time job.

Rather than dwelling on the negativity of the break-in, my life is productive and full. I am thankful; I knew about the benefits of NET prior to this traumatic event. NET was, and continues to be, a lifesaver for me.


Texas                                                                                                   Image: ambro / FreeDigitalPhotos.net



“Help, I Can’t Breathe”

Over the past few months I began having anxiety attacks. This was odd for me stress_meter-stuartmiles-125because I’m an easy going guy and never really considered myself “stressed out”, but my body was telling me otherwise. I began getting physically sick from a combination of stress, anxiety, depression, and resentment. This was due to a recent living situation involving mold exposure and a few other things. I was having difficulty breathing, severe mood swings, heart palpitations from the anxiety attacks, and digestive problems to the point I couldn’t eat regular meals.

For me this was strange (and scary) because I’m a young guy who’s (very) conscious of his diet and health. I kept wondering “How can I be this sick?” I’m too healthy to be feeling like this.” I knew there had to be some underlying emotional problem that was contributing to all this because physically I take good care of myself. Anyway, I heard about Dr. Hoover from a chiropractor whom my mother worked with for a couple years. I heard that he specializes in NET and “allergy clearings” and that he’s good at what he does. So we scheduled a couple NET sessions and I flew from Minnesota (where I live) to Ft. Worth to see him.

During our NET time he noticed my adrenals were on “overdrive”. This explained my anxiety attacks. So Dr .Hoover fixed my adrenal problem and also cleared the “stuck” negative emotions that were causing my digestive problems. He also “cleared” my allergy to mold and helped me gain clarity about some key areas of my life.

After the sessions I could actually breathe again! I felt so relieved and at peace for the first time in months.

Since my NET visits with Dr. Hoover, the anxiety attacks are gone. I can breathe deeply and with ease. I’ve been able to eat regular meals, and just feel better in my daily activities.

It was worth trip from Minnesota to Texas and I would do it again. Dr. Hoover made a new patient (and friend) and I’ll be flying back soon to see him.


Minnesota                                                   Image: Stuart Miles/FreeDigitalPhotos.net


“Increased Feeling of Freedom”

I am a chiropractor who met Dr. Hoover prior to moving to Dallas several butterflies_freedom-njaj_125years ago. NET has helped me in many different areas of my personal and professional life. I’d like to share one of the more profound issues we have recent worked. For some time now I have become aware of a “generational curse” on my family regarding prosperity, it seems no matter how hard we would try, we always fall short and are not able to get much past what we would need.

Immediately after this NET session, I had an increased feeling of freedom. My attitude is running “more toward the positive” and I am able to recognize and stop the overly critical dialog within my own head. Recently, I have noticed forward movement – I don’t seem to be as stuck. I’ve just completed a television interview regarding my profession and also had an interview for a job I would really like to have. Interestingly, I am not obsessing about either of them nearly as much as I would have in the past. In addition, my practice is busier than before Dr. Hoover and I worked on the prosperity issues.

I am very pleased and am looking forward to further NET sessions to see what else is holding me back.


Texas                                                                      Image:njaj/FreeDigitalPhotos.net


Three Examples of How NET Has Helped My Family

Our family has seen Dr. Hoover for NET throughout the past three years with great results. I’d like to share three examples of how NET has helped me and members of my family.

After the adoption of our five children 3 years ago, my husband and I found we needed some emotional support. We had several sessions of NET with amazing results. It seems funny how having little ones around brings your own personal issues to the surface so quickly!

Example 1

I used to struggle with anxiety that had a lot to do with my terrible fear of rejection-DavidCastilloDominici_125rejection.  Every time anyone disagreed with me, put me off, rescheduled, etc, etc, etc, I would feel deep rejection and anxiety.  I could end a perfectly normal conversation or phone call and become overwhelmed with anxiety thinking about all of the ways the person could have rejected me.

After my first session with Dr. Hoover, my anxiety was gone.  For a while, I still had those irrational thoughts every now and then, but the motion was gone.  It was like the trigger buttons had been removed.  I soon was able to train myself to think differently about the situation and years later I’m working in sales! This has changed my life; I have freedom to live without fear and that terrible knot in my stomach is gone.  I don’t have that crippling worry about what others think of my any more.  This is not a short term fix; three years later I have no recurrence of anxiety at all.  I still go to Dr. Hoover every few months fir a “tune up,” but the issues that come up now are small compared to that anxiety.  The air I breathe even feels cleaner now!

Example 2

My husband had terrible agoraphobia.  We couldn’t be in a mall for more than 15newyork-DamianBrandon_125 minutes and he was in a panic.  Attending concerts was out of the question.  Once we tried an open air concert and we didn’t even make it to our seats before we were racing for the nearest exit door! He would get agitated when he was around even small groups of people.  After one session with Dr. Hoover, he is now free of that disabling fear.  Last Christmas I took him to a concert and he enjoyed it so much there were tears in his eyes. He was like a little kid, leaning over the edge of the balcony taking it all in! Now we can go to the mall, go to concerts and enjoy life together!

Example 3

My seven year old daughter had terrible insomnia. She couldn’t sleep at night and sisters-imagerymajestic_125would go through periods of weeks at a time with no rest. She would get so tired that she would actually walk into walls and doors. It was getting very distressing for all of us. Her education suffered, her behavior was dramatically changing for the worse, and she was really miserable. She had one session with Dr. Hoover and NET and now her sleep is much improved, it’s actually hard to wake her up for school! She is getting rest now and catching up in school! Additionally, she’s active in karate and winning awards at competition, all of which would be impossible to do in her previous state.

J.T.                                            Image: David Castillo Dominici/FreeDigitalPhotos.net

Texas                                                    Image: Damian Brandon/FreeDigitalPhotos.net

Image: imagerymajestic/FreeDigitalPhotos.net


“I Spend My Day on My Feet”

I have been seeing Dr. Hoover since 1999. I had a sharp pain which shot up thru xray_ankle-ventrilock_125my heel. With every step it felt like a stab with a knife. I am a nurse and spend most of my day on my feet. I also think that medications should be used sparingly. I lived with this pain for weeks, when a friend of mine recommended Dr. Hoover. I received an exam, x-rays and a report of findings. At the first adjustment he warned me that my symptoms would not go completely away immediately, and that it would take time. He was right, but after the first adjustment the relief was substantial enough that I looked forward to the subsequent visits and the day when the pain was completely gone.

Since that first visit over seven years ago, I have found Dr. Hoover to be helpful with a number of health and health related issues. Over the years he has helped me with issues after a car accident, with upper respiratory problems, with strengthening my immune system and with neck and rib pain. By using NET he has also helped me with the links between my emotions and the function of my body. Dr. Hoover has been gentle and kind, always supporting my best health and encouraging me to do the same.

I see Dr. Hoover regularly and think of these visits like I think of vitamins. I don’t expect to feel remarkably different every time I take a multivitamin but I know multivitamins, like Dr. Hoover, are quietly working to maintain my good health.


Texas                                                                                        Image: Ventrilock / FreeDigitalPhotos.net


“Migraine Headaches for 40 Years”

I have been a patient of Dr. David Hoover since 1989.  I was suffering with firehead-SalvatoreVuono_125migraine headaches (for 40 years) and also sinus problems.  I think one triggered the other.

Within a few weeks I saw great improvements and I have enjoyed a healthier lifestyle because of Dr. Hoover’s expertise in his field of treatment.  With age I have developed arthritis in my neck and back and yes, I have aches and pains but Dr. Hoover continues to keep me going, even at age 81! He has become my best friend.  Not long after I started treatment my son and grandson began treatments and then a few years later my husband also became a patient.

With continued treatment for some 18 years now, my family has seen the value of continued care.  We have made chiropractic treatment a part of our lives and indeed we have reaped the benefits by doing so.  Dr. Hoover is a wonderful humanitarian and is so dedicated to his patient’s care.  I continue to refer my family and friends to Dr. Hoover.


Texas                                                                                         Image: Salvatore Vuono / FreeDigitalPhotos.net


Brain Surgery Made My Daughter Afraid of Escalators

I wanted to take this opportunity to “Thank You” again for the NET sessions that happy child-ambro_125we did with my daughter this last weekend. I must admit that I have been very impressed with the tangible changes that I am already able to see in her.

As you know, she had a large brain tumor removed two years ago. Prior to the surgery, she was a very confident and self-assured child. Unfortunately since the surgery her list of fears is too long to mention. It breaks my heart to see her, as a ten year old child, struggle with these daily fears. However after last weekend, I now see a few glimpses of the girl we used to have. While I firmly believe that we made progress on many fronts there are a few areas that have really given me hope.

First, since the surgery my daughter has had an extreme fear of riding escalators escalator-graurcodrin_125and heights in general. Most of the time she would do absolutely anything possible to avoid an escalator (especially one going down), and it always took a lot of convincing for her to ride one. If we could get her on an escalator, she would always cling with a death grip to either my wife or me. Last weekend I knew we were making progress when after ten minutes of NET she climbed up a stepladder on her own. While she always wanted to climb a ladder at home, she could never get past the second/third step, and that was definitely the first time I saw her do a little dance on a ladder.

The magnitude of the change was most apparent on the way back to New York. In the airport, it was necessary for us to ride numerous escalators and without hesitation she immediately got on. However, what shocked me most is what happened during a layover. To get to our gate we had to ride an escalator down to another floor within the terminal. Within five minutes of arriving, my daughter asks if she could ride the escalator. I said that she could, but she would have to ride it on her own. She spent the next three hours randomly riding up and down on her own. The smile on her face as she continued to loop was wonderful. At the end she was almost playing on the escalators. She was leaning over the side watching people and walking up the escalator backwards for fun. This was not only the first time in her life that I have seen her smile on an escalator, but it is the first time that she has EVER ridden an escalator by herself.

Fear of Needles and IVs

Another significant accomplishment was her fear of needles and IVs. This was very apparent when you brought out the syringe. She was cowering in the chair and she would barely look at it. After a few minutes of NET she was able to touch the syringe. However, what you do not know is that in the few minutes that you where gone to attend to another patient, she asked to see the syringe. She calmly removed the tip from the needle and spent four to five minutes holding and touching it (including the needle itself). While for most of us this might not be a big deal, because we rarely come in contact with needles, as part of her follow-up treatment she needs to have an IV during her yearly MRIs. It is very important that she remains calm during these brain scans and this should help remove some of the anxiety of the situation.

Fear of Tumor Recurring

The last area that we worked on could be the most significant: her fears around doctors-ApplesEyesStudio_125the surgery and a fear of getting the tumor back. On a few occasions she has confided to both my wife and I regarding these fears: Would she need surgery again? Would the tumor come back? Would everything be OK? These fears were compounded last year when a young boy in her class got a relapse of leukemia. She saw him deteriorate, lose his strength, lose his hair, and ultimately leave school because he was so sick. She immediately began to relate the boy and seeing him go through this was very upsetting to her. Unfortunately what really concerned my wife and I was that she found out that he had fought leukemia two years earlier and been told that he was free of the disease. While she really wouldn’t admit her fears to us, we could tell that she was worried that the tumor may come back (because doctors had also told her that everything with the tumor was over). During the NET session, you found and corrected numerous issues regarding her questions on why she got the tumor, her fears regarding the surgery and her fears that the tumor might return. Additionally NET found and addressed some of her concerns regarding the physical/mental limitations that she currently has after the surgery.

Over the last few days I can definitely see a change in her behavior. Unfortunately as a child she is not able to articulate what is different. However, if the other accomplishments of the weekend are any indication, I am very hopeful that she may finally be able to put some of issues regarding the brain tumor/surgery behind her. She has been forced to grow up way to quickly as a result of the surgery, and I can only hope and pray that with these issues cleared up that she can once again get to enjoy her youth.

Thanks Again!                                                                                    Image: ambro / FreeDigitalPhotos.net

K.M.                                                              Image: graur codrin/FreeDigitalPhotos.net

New York                                         Image: Apple’s Eyes Studio/FreeDigitalPhotos.net


“Thank You for the Profound Impact You’ve Had in My Life”

NET is a successful, natural, and safe healing method to rid oneself of negative winding_path_125past emotional traumas from their subconscious mind; however, one must be ready and willing to face their past in order to move forward into true prosperity. Releasing emotional traumas and pain from this lifetime releases us from our past. If these traumas go un-reconciled, they follow us into our future and sabotage us on many levels. When we come to the realization that there is no judgment and we only judge ourselves, then and only then, will we allow true healing to take place.

I’ve experienced NET with Dr. Hoover once a week since September 2009 and all I can say is that it’s been the journey of my life. To witness changes after an NET session in my outside world, otherwise known as “my mirror”, is inexplicable because my mirror is unique to me; however, all I can say is that it has given me peace and relief on many levels.

Emotional healing is a slow process and there is no quick and instant success because that isn’t how Universe/God operates; however, with patience and willingness to take things one step at a time other patterns become easier to identify and faster to remove.

Thank you Dr. Hoover, for the profound impact you’ve had in my life and for showing me that healing truly comes from within, and not “out there”. When the world comes to understand and accept emotional healing comes from within what a wonderful, peaceful world it will become! So, “Let there be peace on earth and let it begin with me”.


“I Feel Supported and Empowered, Never Judged or Criticized”

Dr. Hoover is the most skilled NET practitioner I’ve had the privilege of working2hand_sky-anusornPnachol_125 with. He uses his skill of intuition to quickly and effectively find the core issue, or the root of previously hidden emotions and belief systems. Acknowledging my shadows can be challenging for me when I’m alone and certainly in the presence of someone else. Dr. Hoover offers a safe space for me to explore my vulnerabilities, as well as hidden beliefs and emotional “realities”. I always feel supported and empowered, never judged or criticized.

Dr. Hoover practices enlightenment and non-judgment. Neither Dr. Hoover nor NET has the answers to all of my questions, and I don’t expect them to. I know that all of my answers come from within me. Dr. Hoover uses NET to help guide me towards my own truth. I leave each session empowered to answer more of my own questions and explore my shadows with compassion and confidence.


North Carolina                                                                         Image: Anusorn Nachol / FreeDigitalPhotos.net


“Opportunity for Personal and Spiritual Growth”

As a massage therapist, I’ve learned that muscles can hold memory of emotions. massage-ambro_125 It has been my experience that during a massage session, a trapped memory may trigger these emotions.  It is my understanding that NET works on a similar principle: memory of emotions can be trapped in body meridians.  I have found through NET, and also in massage therapy, a tremendous opportunity for personal and spiritual growth.

I was introduced to NET in the spring of 2001 through a short, informative video.  After viewing the tape I was fascinated, yet skeptical.  It seemed too simple. NET works with the subconscious mind and the best way for me to describe it is as “turbo-emotional clarity.” There is no need to go through years of traditional “talk it out” counseling with few, slow results.  I have, on the other hand, gotten the most amazing results from NET.

I started with minor complaints about my body (my shoulder, neck, and joints in my hands). I later approached NET from many different directions. I began to explore dreams, problems at work, negative behaviors, limiting thoughts, and emotions. I gained a greater understanding about how NET and my subconscious mind worked.

Most of all, I would like to share my story of how NET helped me deal with the horrific terrorist attacks of September 11, 2001.

To begin, I must go back tot he previous month (August 20, 2001) when I received some very upsetting news. My aunt, who had been battling breast cancer for the previous last four years, learned the cancer had moved to her bones with thirty new locations.

I was so upset and my emotions were out of control.

Through NET, Dr. Hoover and I traced my emotions back to a time just before my birth. (Yes, NET works at a subconscious level before birth while in my mother’s womb.) It was my emotional reality that when we are young we sometimes view our parents like “little gods”. I quickly and painlessly discovered my anger was at the “Big God”for my aunt’s illness. (I found it helps to use intuition and your “gut feelings” with NET to discover the root of an emotion.)

NET helped me to clear away the charge to the negative energy, thus eventually the negative emotion as well.  Now I feel strong, calm, and able to do my job as a massage therapist more effectively. I did so in tribute to all my beloved aunt had given me.

Those feelings carried over into the terrorist attacks on America. I felt saddened swan-TinaPhillips_125by all that occurred, but not afraid. As a tribute to the brave men and women who fought and died protecting our freedom and way of life, I felt strong. I felt confident that the higher powers would do what it took to keep our country safe and free.

In closing I would like to recommend NET to everyone, no matter if the problem is physical or emotional. It has been and continues to be a tremendous asset in my life. In November, 2001, I was telling a friend about NET and my personal experiences with this fabulous technique. I vividly remember saying “I feel that I have frown into a better human-being more in the past few months than all the years of traditional counseling combined.” Those words were true then and are just as true today, I am thankful for the strength and resolve following me each day because of NET.

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“I Got My Life Back!”

I’d like to share my experiences since beginning care with Dr. Hoover in August of headache-ambro_1251988. I could hardly go three weeks without having a severe headache along with extreme nausea. I was on several prescription drugs (beta-blockers, pain killers, etc.) and medical doctors could not help me. I was greatly concerned the medications were creating even bigger problems than I’d originally had. Although I noticed a big difference after the first few weeks, I noticed the greatest progress since April of 1989. Since beginning care 17 years ago, I have had only one bad headache with some nausea.

Thanks to Dr. Hoover and his helpful staff I can now make plans ahead of time with more certainty that I will be able to fulfill them. I firmly feel I got my life back! I no longer have the headaches that have controlled my life for so very long.

I’d like to continue sharing my experiences. When I first met with Dr. Hoover he told me the headaches were merely symptoms of a greater underlying problem. After an examination the doctor was able to locate my particular problem and determine it originated from my neck. Although my initial headaches and related symptoms have been gone for years and years, I continue care on Dr. Hoover’s well patient care program. Once my original problems were alleviated, the focus has been on strengthening my spine. I feel better than I have ever felt.

Another thing I like about my visits to Dr. Hoover’s office is the relaxing atmosphere. I feel like they really care about me as a person, I am not “just a number” to them. There aren’t any long periods of sitting in a crowded waiting room and then an even longer wait in a small, sterile feeling treatment room. Most visits are complete in about 10 minutes – from the time I leave my car until the time I’m driving home! This allows me to work my chiropractic visits into my already busy schedule and life.

If you have headaches (or any other symptoms) see a chiropractor. Avoid taking the drugs!


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“NET Has Been Such a Blessing for Me!”

NET has been such a blessing for me! Three and a half years ago I began having heart_bandage-digitalart_125heart palpitations after my first child was born. After my initial “freak out,” I went to a cardiologist who checked everything out, said I was “fine, that these palpitations were normal”. He offered to prescribe me some medicine if I wanted, but I would have to deal with the side effects…slower heart rate and more tiredness….No thank you!

I decided to go with a more natural approach. Over the next three and a half years, and two more children later, I ended up going to different acupuncturists, herbalists and finally a homeopathic doctor. As good as these worked for the time being, I found myself receiving only temporary relief from the palpitations. That’s when I began hearing about Dr. Hoover’s NET sessions from relatives who had nothing but positive feedback to give me. I decided to give it a try.

I have been amazed by the results and I am glad to say I have found a solution to my palpitations. Not only that, I am working on and have been able to address and “release” some deep-seated issues from the past which have allowed me to have a much better relationship with my husband and children. It truly is amazing!


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“I Feel and Look Younger Than I Did When I First Started”

I would like to share my experience with Dr. David Hoover and the care I have rollerblade-africa_125received from his clinic. In 1989, at the relatively young age of 28, I felt like I was over 65. By that point I had undergone eight major surgeries without any appreciable results and the medical doctors were trying to perform more operations on me. Simply put, I was at my wits end; I was just “done.”

While in bed recovering from my most recent surgery, I learned about Dr. Hoover, a chiropractor who opened a practice in Fort Worth. I made an appointment for a consultation and have continued to be under his care ever since. He educated me about many things — my body’s ability to heal itself, nutrition, the importance of getting my body adjusted, and things I can do for myself that no other doctor had ever presented me with before. Many of the problems I had were a result of injuries from the numerous rollerblading, skiing, and automobile accidents I encountered over the years. I began care and the results were practically immediate. The chiropractic adjustments straightened my back out. The lifestyle choices Dr. Hoover taught me have stuck with me to this day. I am a firm believer in alternative health care and am excited about my results. I feel and look younger than I did when I first started care over seventeen years ago!

Approximately ten months ago I was having great difficulties with my hormones fruit-xedos4_125and mood swings. I was taking numerous prescription drugs. In fact, one drug (Estratese) was very dangerous and long-term continuous use increases the likelihood of liver, breast and cervical cancer. I was very concerned about this health risk.

I discussed the situation with Dr. Hoover and I opted to try whole food nutrition as an alternative to the hormone replacement I’d been taking. I now feel great and have reduced my health risks that prescription medication posed. I am amazed with the results and compelled to tell others of the drastic change in my physical body, overall mental attitude, and my life.

The bottom line is this: Dr. Hoover has changed my life. I have benefited greatly from this form of holistic medicine. For me, chiropractic and nutrition is the long term solution to a long list of health issues. Remember it takes time and effort, but is well worth it. If you want to get well and stay well, consult with Dr. Hoover – it’s highly possible he can help you – he certainly has helped me.

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“It’s a Wonderful Feeling to Be Set Free”

I wanted to let everyone know who is interested in the N.E.T. process that it really works! It’s a wonderful feeling to be set free from undefined emotions that had prevented me from “going on” and building with my ideas and dreams.

Now my decision making is so much clearer and I don’t change my mind or second guess myself. Hopefully it will make others feel as it has me; that “Today can be the first day of the rest of your life.”


New Mexico


“Thank You, Dr. Hoover!”

I found David Hoover almost a year ago. It was a miracle! All of the 25 some odd freedom-photostock_125years of therapy just melted together and I was OK!

I have a headache; he finds the source and fixes it/me.
I have an allergy; he finds the source and fixes it/me.

I do have to participate in my care, even though I would just like for Dr. Hoover to fix me, I have to do my part.

He is a safe man to work with, gentle and kind and oh so easy to trust, even my deepest, darkest secrets. He is a keeper. He helps me keep all of my physical and emotional pieces together.

Thank you, Dr. Hoover!


Texas                                                                                               Image: photostock / FreeDigitalPhotos.net


“I Must Be Invisible to Be Safe”

My name is Debbie. I have been focused on the spiritual path for a number of heavens_door-DaniloRizzuti_125years, and my efforts at clearing my own embedded dysfunctional patterns of behavior, coupled with the enlightenment of understanding, awakening and realization, has been the ultimate goal in my life for a long time. It is my fondest hope to become the most complete “being” I AM within my capacity to become during this life as I know and comprehend it.

Having come from a childhood with one alcoholic parent, and having myself manifested the disease of alcoholism and drug addiction, I nonetheless, found myself the recipient of a number of spiritual experiences from a very early age.

Having been clean and sober at this writing for approximately fourteen and one-half years, I have employed numerous types of healing tools in my journey. I spent over ten years in therapy, and have been a practitioner of the Native American healing arts for years, including sweat lodges and drumming workshops and shamanistic instruction. I have been a member of Unity church for over two years, and taken instruction in metaphysics since the late 1960s, including meditation, Course in Miracles, and hundreds of other authors and authorities in this regard. In spite of my affirmations and understanding, I seemed to hit a block with regard to identifying and removing certain stubborn subconscious belief patterns which were keeping me from moving forward in my chosen work, synonymous with my spiritual purpose on the planet. In spite of repeated prayer and affirmation practices, I was getting nowhere.

I sought help from my energy readers, tarot readers, card readers, astrologists, monks, gurus, books, prayers, meditation, pastors, churches, mentors, sponsors, friends, television evangelists, programs, and many other sources too numerous to name. In short, I KNEW the answer was within ME, but I couldn’t get to it. What was the problem, and where did it originate and how was I to pull it out and change it?

Late in August, 1999, a friend gave me the number of another friend who, in turn, introduced me to Dr. Hoover and the NET method of releasing energy blocks.

During my first session, I was able to identify and validate the ongoing grief I had experienced since childhood regarding feeling unwanted, which had ultimately produced an interruption in the mind/body connection I had with my very own identity. Dr. Hoover was able to move back to the source of that grief and alter that energy connection and make the important mind/body connection complete for me. In owning the connection to my own birth name, I have been able to move forward confidently “in sync” with my personality and the changes in my voice and in my interaction with others has leaped in a very positive way. In addition, I have been able to identify circumstances and relationships wherein I was stuck in a dysfunctional pattern of allowing myself to be abused because of those feelings of worthlessness which had attended my idea about myself prior to this treatment, and eliminate those negative involvements which were holding me back on that level.

In addition, I had experienced years of problems in my lower back and right hip, flower_heart-danilorizzuti_125and had an area of total numbness in my right hip which had been treated with physical therapy and medicine and exercise, but still was always just held in check rather than healed. During this session, I was able to address my feelings of invisibility which surrounded every male relationship I had manifested in my life, with the accompanying depression of never feeling seen or validated. With the help of NET I was able to reconnect with the volatile and life-threatening circumstance which occurred in my life at the age of six years, at which time I incorporated a belief system which was I must be invisible to be safe. Without a doubt, that belief served my purpose at that time in keeping me safe; however, my adult life had found me living out the same belief over and over and over and never understanding why or how to change it. I had become subject to depression at the age of six years which would follow me into adult life and would be compounded by attempts to drown it out with the use of drugs and alcohol and over mind altering activities. Repeated patterns with abusive partners would simply deepen the depression and despair, and I was to eventually be put on anti-depressants to alleviate the problem. I removed myself, against my doctor’s wishes, from the anti-depressants and was determined to find the holistic source of my problem.

During my first session with NET this issue of being invisible to be safe and being depressed because I was invisible was addressed, and I was able to make the mind/body connection with this source of conflict, thereby freeing myself to become visible at last. As a result, approximately one hour after my session, I felt the area of numbness in my right hip “shoot across my back with intense heat” and it felt as if my lower back was on fire. When I lifted myself from the sitting position I was in at the time of this occurrence, I could feel the bodily shift in my stance, the way I walked and my energy level. I had sought this completeness during series of rolfing treatments several years ago, and this was the first time I had ever experienced being actually grounded in my gravitational energy field and being “in sync” with my legs and hips. As this new energy found its way through my body, memories of that age era at which this block occurred began coming back to me, and validation was received in the way of understanding how this injury had originally occurred.

Freeing myself to be visible, to own my own energy field and my own personality without shame, I was free to move forward, both physically and emotionally as well as spiritually.

There is no question in my mind that NET is a miraculous way of making the mind and body connections which have been severed by traumatic circumstances which may in other areas of healing, take years to access. I am looking forward to “clearing” a few other pertinent energy blocks at my next session.


Texas                                                                                           Images: Danilo Rizzuti / FreeDigitalPhotos.net