Third Base – Nutritional Factors

We are what we eat!

As a society we eat very poorly, consuming too many simple boy_with_milk_250carbohydrates and refined sugars. This results in problems with blood sugar levels, adrenal function, digestive and circulatory systems. Many individuals are chronically tired, emotionally stressed and in extreme circumstances our diet can even make us sick.

To maintain health, proper nutrition is imperative. A balanced intake of protein, fats, carbohydrates, water, vitamins and minerals are vitally important. Food, as nature intended, provides the nutrients needed to maintain an optimal state of health. Because the nutritional value of our food is declining, many health problems are now surfacing.

In general we start with a “Symptom Survey” which identifies potential problem areas in your diet. You may be asked to complete a 14 day food diary so we may track your food intake. Just by getting on the right diet, your health may be greatly improved. For example a hypo-allergenic diet, which eliminates the simple sugars and most allergenic foods, can have a major impact on how you function. Nutritional advice will be given as part of your care in our total wellness approach. However, even with the best of diet monitoring, sometimes patients are in such poor shape that they need whole food supplements (non-synthetic, made from plant concentrates) to aid in their recovery.

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