Second Base – Toxins

We live in a chemically polluted world. On a daily basis you are exposed totoxins_250 tens of thousands of chemicals within the environment often saturating our water, our food and the very air we breathe. Many of these toxins are things that you can’t see, smell or feel. We don’t realize that we’re being affected until we come down with a chronic disease, hypersensitivities or allergies.


Effectively identifying and detoxifying the body of toxins can have a healthy_food_250dramatic impact on your chronic recurring health problems. Homeopathy works deep in the body to activate, strengthen, and stimulate the body’s defense systems, to dump toxins. Nutritional and homeopathic products are ways to activate the body’s own defense mechanisms and healing ability.

The benefits of these approaches are that it offers improved health, mental clarity, restful sleep, enhanced immune strength, clear skin and recharged vitality. Utilizing homeopathy, we can reprogram and balance your body chemistry. Together Dr. Hoover and homeopathy will help you rehabilitate your immune system along the way achieving optimal health.

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